FUNDRAISING as a Walk participant, donor, or sponsor, makes it possible for FEAT to give hope to hundreds of parents and caregivers who contact FEAT volunteers throughout the year seeking guidance, resources, and information about quality autism services for their children.

FUN-Raising Prizes!
Ask everyone to make large or small donations to your FEAT Walk team and win cool prizes!

Most Donors Supporting a Team
First prize - $300 Gift Card or
Second prize - $100 Top Golf Package
Third prize - SIX Movie Tickets and Pizza

Top Fundraiser
First prize - $300 Gift Card for Target Stores
Second prize - Amazon Fire Tablet with Case
Third prize - Amazon Echo Dot

It's fun to walk with coworkers, friends and family members for a great cause! Autism Spectrum Disorder impacts every aspect of family and community life. People want to help and they are honored when asked to donate $10 or $20 or more to your team.

ASK your barista, doctor, ABA provider, speech therapist, veterinarian, insurance agent, mechanic, grocer, neighbor, extended family and friends. ASK employers to match charitable donations.

Did you know that the average online donation is 40% higher than a check or cash donation? Raise funds from your personalized page on via Email, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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FEAT Walk Information and Photos to share with people:

When FEAT began in 1993,
the prevalence for autism was one in 10,000.
Today, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects
one in 50 children.
FEAT's mission must not waver!

For over 25 years, Families for Early Autism Treatment (FEAT) has worked in the trenches with thousands of local families. FEAT educates Northern California families about clinically proven, best-outcome autism treatment; time-tested guidelines for quality family life; and access to FEAT volunteer parent-coaches to learn about essential advocacy strategies and receive encouraging support.

FEAT’s monthly Family Resource Meetings, Parent Coaching Meetings and annual Family Events forge empowering connections that give hope to parents and caregivers who can often become isolated living with the demands of autism.There is no known cause or cure for autism. FEAT helps parents to become their child’s best advocate each step of the way, across their lifespan.

Thank you!
Our list of champion FEAT parents and grandparents is long. Appreciation goes out to all of the FEAT volunteers, supporters, and enthusiasts over the last 25 years who have been part of the solution in spite of nearly insurmountable obstacles.